AIR MOVEMENT - Representing: The New York Blower Company and Continental Fan; we offer a full line of Material Handling Fans, Pressure Blowers, Volume Blowers, Plug Fans, Clean Air BCA/ BCS, FRP and Axial Fans. Roof Ventilators, Fume and Laboratory Exhaust systems, Panel fans for exhaust duty and supply are also available. We provide hands on design support for all air movement products including OEM applications. Please visit NYB and Continental Fan for additional products available.

FAN & SYSTEM ACCESSORIES - Expansion Joints/Flex connectors with a wide variety of construction options including PTFE and Fiberglass sleeves can be critical in system performance.  These flex connectors can also include inner material deflector and end caps constructed from Carbon steel, Stainless steel, and galvanized based on the application. 
Acoustical inline Silencers custom built to duct size and required sound power reductions are usually required for compliance in process and manufacturing. These can be round or rectangular depending on the system configuration.

AIR FILTRATIONS - J.K Hastings Equipment supplies air filters and filter housings for Industrial and HVAC applications.  Baghouse bags , Cartridges, Industrial finishing, High Efficiency bags,Poly pads, rolls, and panels are all available.  Please call with your specific requirements.

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FILTER HOUSINGS - Filter Housings are applied to provide solutions for a variety of issues.  Vee-Bank Housing, flat Panel housings, extended pocket filter housings, HEPA and Carbon housings all are applied to solve a variety of filtration requirements in process and manufacturing.  These can be constructed of Stainless Steel, galvanized or aluminized steel.

DUST/ FUME COLLECTION - J.K Hastings has supported end users, and installing contractors in the proper selection of equipment, and airflow requirements for dust and fume collection. Applications in many different industries including wood, foundry, pharmaceutical, food, cement, grain, quarry and chemical have been successfully addressed.

SUPPLY AIR TUBES (SOCKS) - Supply air tubes are made of a strong 12 Ml polyethylene with a reinforced vinyl collar. Typical applications are Return air systems from dust collectors, make up air systems, HVAC Dist., Heat Stratification, People / Product cooling. Air tubes provide an effective and inexpensive way to  distribute plant air.

HEAVY INDUSTRIAL & FAN REBUILDS - Oftentimes a fan in service becomes obsolete, or the manufacture is no longer building fans, or the requirements are so stringent that catalogue fans cannot meet the requirements.  The New York Blower Heavy Industrial division located in New Castle, PA was established to answer this call.  With 35,000 Sq. Ft of manufacturing dedicated to rebuild and custom fans, New York Blower can provide a high level of service for both centrifugal and axial fans. By applying a library of information, and reverse engineering the staff at the NYB HI facility has decades of experience with rebuilds of fan manufacturers like Buffalo Forge, Westinghouse, Champion as well as all competitors units.  NYB HI addresses the most difficult fan applications for new builds and rebuilds.

​CONTROL DAMPERS & INTAKE/EXHAUST VENTS & LOUVERS - Industrial grade control and isolation dampers as well as a wide range of exhaust and intake vents and louvers for building and process ventilation are offered through Venco.  These dampers and vents can be high temperature, bubble tight, manually actuated or motorized to meet most all applications.  They are also offered in aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel construction.


QUICK FIT & FLANGED DUCTING - Nordfab Galvanized, Stainless steel, Including but not limited to 20,18,16,14,12 Gage construction, blast gates pneumatic and manual Nordfab.